Laser Maintenance Group


Our mission is to provide exceptional service with a rapid response time at a competitive price.

At Laser Maintenance Group we understand the impact of a down or poorly running laser system. Your entire operation depends on the parts from your laser system. That’s why we perform high quality repairs and maintenance to ensure the reliability of your production line.

Our factory-trained technicians will diagnose and repair your system to keep your laser system up and running. Let us focus on your laser system so that you can focus on your business.



Laser Maintenance Group (LMG) is pleased to announce its new website. The overhauled website represents a another step forward for LMG in communicating with customers and prospects.  Check out our blog containing articles published in magazines, In the next several months we will be introducing several exciting new web based services in conjunction with our new website such as enhanced content, online customer support, e-mail news updates, an online knowledge base, and other features coming soon.


Your relationship with Laser Maintenance Group doesn't end once your machine is serviced. We're ready to provide you with the kind of support you need. Whether you need a spare part, phone support, or a service call from one of our laser experts, we're there when you need us.

  1. 1Scheduled or emergency visits

  2. 2Preventative maintenance visits

  3. 3Service contracts

  4. 4Complete System Rebuilds

  5. 5Pre-purchase system inspection

  6. 6System relocation & reinstallation

  7. 7On-site customer training for maintenance or operators

  8. 8Reduced prices on many consumable or replacement parts

  9. 9Nd:YAG, CO2 systems

  10. 10Consulting

We've spent years installing, repairing, and rebuilding systems such as Rofin-Sinar, Fanuc, Cincinnati Inc., and Trumpf.